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Q) Eski ena hadeeth lor mete sourma Ithmid jour Ashoura? A) Oui ena ene hadeeth ki li de faible narration ki dire ki celui ki mete Sourma Ithmid le jour de Ashoura, alors li pas pou gagne aukene malade lizier jamais.

A) When jamaat is standing for salaah, it truly is inappropriate to read sunan that point, as the Prophet Muhammad (saw) has claimed:”When jamaat is standing then there's no salaah besides fardh salaah”.

Q) Est qu'Il est permis aux hommes de faire l’intention de l’itekaf lorsqu’ils entrent dans la mosquee pour les 5 salahs quotidiens.

Q) Is pardah/niqaab compulsory? Exactly what is the position of a lady who wears pardah? A) Pardah is obligatory in front of non-mahrams. The wives from the Prophet Muhammad (saw) accustomed to wear pardah, Hence a girl who wears pardah is nearer into the sunnat of Nabi (noticed). Q) I would like bad for someone and it seriously happened. Now i need to repent, what ought to i do? A) Give sadaqahs on the name of that man or woman. And now would like fantastic for that individual. Q) I detest Everybody but for Allah's sake i do no damage everyone. I forgot what is adore For several years, what need to i do? A) Make salaam to them and try to be well mannered always. Else study our post ‘’les substances de l`amour..’’ on the internet to nurture your partnership at least using your mothers and fathers and people. Q) Could it be real an individual suffering from an incurable disorder is often a jannati? A) No you can assert someone else or himself as jannati. But there are sawaab and recompense for almost any hardship endured throughout sickness. As such for many who passed absent it is best to say that ‘’the deceased was an excellent person and should Allah Ta`ala grant him jannatul firdost.’’ Q) Is it regarded as zina whenever a boy talks or sends sms to girls? A) Sure, It's a style of zina. Q) What does Islam say regarding autopsy? A) Accomplishing an autopsy, on a human body voluntarily, is mutilating that physique and forbidden In line with shari’ah. In Abu Dawood, it truly is claimed by our mother Hazrat Aisha (ra) which the Prophet Muhammad (observed) explained:” Breaking the bones of a lifeless individual is exact same like breaking them when he is alive.” But Because the legislation exhorts us to complete autopsy in sure cases, Hence in this case of the involuntary autopsy, we can easily only make dua that the dead individual doesn’t undergo. Wallahou A’lam. Q) Can one particular tackle Allah as « You »? A) Sure, Along with the intention of staying near to Allah, not disrespectfully. Q) Last time u claimed It's not at all legitimate zat someone dont know his death 40 days in advance of but my dear just one died yesterday and he or she was talking about death in the last few weeks. Y? A) We answered the dilemma As outlined by this Coranic ayah: ‘’And no-one appreciates regarding exactly where one would die.’’(31:34).

A) Arabic language had from extended a representative numerical or coded values. see this here As an example alif might stand for one, and so on. That's why The complete Bismillah when its numbers are included, they arrive at 786.

Q) Ought to 1 pull the place curtain at night/right before sleeping? Is there just about anything wrong When the curtains are left open up for air circulation?

Q) Could it be accurate the Prophet Observed has promised the 1 who reads surah Al-Mulk ahead of sleeping, will be saved from the punishment from the grave?

Q) Can we do sijda tilawat when sitting within the location exactly where Quran is examine? Do We've got to face up and make a correct sijda?

Q) I asked Allah for an indication And that i dreamt about receiving a letter from my father's sister,There was three pages and i browse two and remaining for her property And that i stayed there but didn't do magrib namaz but was in wudhu.Can it be a constructive indicator. A) Certainly.

A) No, this have already been wrongly said. Our kalimah is laa ilaaha illallahou mouhammadurrasouloullah. In reality wherever in ahadiths exactly where it truly is pointed out laa ilaaha illallah, 1 need to wholly read laailaaha illallahou muhammadurrasouloullah.

Q) You will find there's verse of the Qur'an whose tough translation is :"Enable there be no compulsion in faith" Laa ikraha fid deen. Could you reveal what This implies and how it applies.

Lay the final nail on top of the initial nail pointing the opposite direction (the final nail is demonstrated in purple around the diagram).

Q) Est ce que c’est bid’ah pour les dames d’aller a une invitation pour assister a une lecon a la madrassah et terminer par le zikr (des tasbeehaats) en collectivite a la fin de la lecon? A) Si c`est fait a haute voix, ce n`est pas permissible.

Q) In sahih bukhari the prophet (pbuh) claimed : Pray when you viewed me prayed. He didn't didn't say only Adult males then why is Females salaat distinct from Adult men?

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